In many cases the deployment of IT assets are the most overlooked aspect of integrating new technology. To make it even more difficult, most of these deployments occur in many different locations often involving different business groups. More often than not, all stakeholders are not included or communicated to during a given deployment. This leads to missed requirements, wrong purchases going into a project and less than satisfactory user experiences coming out of a project.

We work with our customers to determine what vital information is needed before beginning a deployment - communication is the key. We include all stakeholders; IT, business management, procurement, asset management and actual end users to determine that everyone has a voice. We use over 20 years of experience from previous deployments to get the necessary information and answers to ensure successful deployment. We employ all Project Management Strategies and ITIL methodologies regarding proper communication and process management.

White Paper - Simplifying IT change

At Granite Data Solutions our deployment services are fully scalable and can be as rich or basic as needed. Our goal is not to take the place of your IT personnel but compliment what they do by taking over where they may not have or cannot dedicate resources.

  • Build, staging, storage and logistics services including specialized transport, timed and cross border delivery
  • Asset management: tagging, security and reporting services
  • Perform site survey, system/asset audit survey and system requirement check
  • Hardware remedial services for DOA, missing, damaged and warranty repair
  • Data sanitization services utilizing DoD 5220.22-M and NIST methods
  • Client OS imaging, configuration and application installation services
  • Installation of server/storage Systems, rack cabling and labeling
  • Installation/de-installation of internal components, peripheral devices, network/switching gear and printer/MFD/scan devices
  • Mobile device configuration and distribution: iOS and Android